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Online Cloning E-Business Suite Without shutdown Apps & DB

Posted by Admin on July 29, 2008

Sorry, I am moving intohttp://levicorp.com/2008/07/29/online-cloning-e-business-suite-without-shutdown-apps-db/


15 Responses to “Online Cloning E-Business Suite Without shutdown Apps & DB”

  1. Kamy Lamm said

    Nice blog and good information. Really I got some good tips from your blog.

    good work

    keep going………

  2. Alen Chemy said

    The information and the example about online cloning E-Business suite is really useful for me. Thanks for sharing the information.

  3. newbie said

    Do you have to copy oracle_home directory from source to target on db server.

    • levicorp said

      If needed yes, but if you already have Oracle_Home directory with the same version on the target, so you don’t need to copy it.



  4. newbie said

    What patch levels do you have to be for 11.5.9 for this to be successful?

  5. name said

    Should your step 2b read “alter tablespace begin backup” not alter tablespace offline if you donlt want downtime?

    • levicorp said

      Thanks for the Correction : Alter Tablespace Begin Backup — Copy the Datafiles — Alter Tablespace End Backup.



  6. dg said

    Will this work for multi node to single node?

    • levicorp said

      Online cloning could be do in all possibility cloning. From Multi Node to Single Node, Multi Node-Multi Node, Single Node – Multi Node, Single Node-Single Node.

  7. Amy said

    How is possible that you don’t need to shutdown the application tier before copying those files?

    • levicorp said

      Hi Amy,
      It is possible to copy all Applications Tier since it consists of executable files, output files and log files. For executable file, as long as the target platform same as the source platform we don’t need to worry the executable file will not run on the target.
      If we consider the output file and log file of the request should be same as the source system, then when process cloning, concurrent request should not run.

  8. Hussain said

    Dear sir,
    Please, how to perform cloning on windows plateform without shutdown database and application …

    your reply shall be very appriciated

    Thanks in advance

    • Admin said

      actually, I never did in windows environment for cloning EBS windows. But if you read my article, it should be the same. For cloning database in Windows, you can do hot backup. for cloning application, since the applications is binary data, it will not impact to the running programs. you just copy it to another server.
      Sorry can’t help you much, might be anyone can help Hussain?

  9. vinod said

    Hi sir, its a nice blog its very useful for everyone. ‘m bit confused of cloning multinode environment can u give the steps involved before and after cloning it’ll be very helpful for me. Can u send the step by step procedure in to my mailid its vinod4dpu@ibibo.com Thanks in advance

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